I was commissioned by South Yorkshire Housing Association to re-design several staff offices as part of the organisation's ambition to radically transform their approach to workspace.
The brief was to design a range of flexible solutions which would promote a move to agile working, while not compromising on the design aesthetic.
The task in hand was to modernise the old, create innovative ways for staff to work, helping increase productivity whilst also creating more space for an influx of new staff. For all schemes a Plywood modular wall system was developed, each panel 1800mm H x 500mm W with a locking system so they can fit any wall. Each wall is bespoke, catering for individual staff needs. Fittings include sitting and standing desks, cupboards (with and without doors) in various sizes, book shelves and coat hangers. All schemes included noise reduction flooring, bespoke bench desks, seating benches, occasional tables, printer trolleys.

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